Old Court Hotel

Taste our Hereford Beef

Taste our Hereford Beef or Risbury Court Lamb and we know you will agree, “It tastes like it used to…”

Risbury Court is set in the beautiful unspoilt lands of North Herefordshire between Leominster and Hereford. Risbury Court is a traditional farm with Hereford cattle, Suffolk cross and Welsh mule sheep and cider fruit. Diane Thomas’ grandfather Richard Bemand first came to Risbury Court nearly 120 years ago. The farm, which today is farmed by Robert & Diane Thomas and their son Richard, has been much the same for generations – the first mention of Hereford cattle at Risbury Court being in the 1882 edition of the Hereford Herd Book.

Most of the livestock are home-bred and all are reared on their native Herefordshire pastures. Robert has been continuing to improve and build up the Herefords at Risbury for many years. Pedigree bulls and heifers are sold when available. The Herefords are Robert’s passion, while Richard, farming alongside his father, takes care of the sheep. He is constantly improving his flock.

Risbury Court also maintains traditional orchards, one being situated in the centre of the iron-age hill fort, Risbury Camp. It is a beautiful, peaceful place, providing shelter for the Hereford cattle and the sheep as they graze beneath the trees. Here at the Old Court we regularly take delivery of whole Herefordshire beef and lamb. The Hereford beef is hung for over 3 weeks to produce the wonderful depth of flavour. Then our expert Butcher and Chefs work the meat into joints and pieces they require for the hotel. Tori and Jono are proud of their unique relationship with the Thomas’ at Risbury Court.