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Information that every party planner should know for the best catering.

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Regardless of the decorations, venue and guest list, a successful party will be heavily influenced on the quality of food distributed to the guests. This is because at any party the guests expect tasty delicacies there; if your guests are not happy with what they are being served, you are regarded as a bad planner. This article can help you realise all aspects of a successful party, with the right corporate catering in Herefordshire or any other type.

Catering is what makes the party more enjoyable, helping the guests while they chill with there drinks, gossip and dance. It may not always be a cheap affair, but if its done with a bit of thought, it gives assurances that your party will be loved by everyone in attendance. The first thing that you should know is, a caterer has various elements on there list, such as a buffet, plated dinner, and much more services which vary according to the event. Also, a specialised service may not be a necessity, because at times even a single cater can provide a variety of options to fit your budget.

Before deciding on any of the caters, you should determine your venue as the catering menu and service type are dependant on it. At times your venue provider may recommend or have an association with a catering service, however they may not provide a good enough standard to meet your requirements.

The questions mentioned below will help you to hire the best cater according to your requirements:

  1. The price according to the number of guests that will be in attendance, catering for service, main course, beverage, etc.
  2. Do they have a menu list on the preset budget or can you customise it according to your convenience?
  3. Do they offer tasting sessions for the selected menu? This is the most critical decision as you do not want to get to the big day only to find out the food is of below standard quality. If they do not offer you a tasting session beforehand you should reject there service.
  4. How early do they need bookings? They may promise to cater to your event, but on the off chances, they may not serve you if they have been offered a better contract. Therefore, a prior legitimate booking for your wedding catering in Herefordshire will help you curb last minute nerves.

At times relaxing the budget can be a dime of dozen as you will be free from all your catering worries such as food preparation to the servicing them to the guests. But if you are actually closefisted you can choose to cut the costs. For example, you can hire a marquee catering in Herefordshire , but cut the expenses by setting the self-service buffet plan.

3 Questions that will help you decide on the perfect wedding caterer

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Wedding days are one of the most important events of one’s life. Both the bride and groom have certain expectations from the best day of their life and they want everybody in attendance to enjoy themselves to the fullest. However a certain amount of planning is required for such a momentous occasion. From the venue to the dress, the champagne to the cake, everything is planned and cross-checked again and again, to avoid any type of blunder at the wedding.

But in and amongst the chaos and confusion do not forget to inspect event catering companies that you will be meeting properly. There are many great wedding catering companies in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, but selecting the one that best suits you and your partners needs is the most difficult task of all.

And remember guys, food is one of the most important component of any wedding. A wedding which boasts great food and wonderful catering will remembered fondly for many years. While a bad one may still be cherished just as well, the discussion pertaining to it will may be different. Wedding catering in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire is a booming business and we feel couples will find ample options to choose from.

Questions that’ll help you find the perfect caterer –

  1. Can I have a look at the service list you provide along the catering?

This is the very first question you should ask the caterer when you first meet. It is very important to know what services they will be providing along with the food. Also, don’t forget to ask about the services not included and their extra charges. Plus, remember to note everything down for comparison purposes.


  1. Can you explain in detail about your food preparation process?

This question includes everything, such as where do they source there ingredients, do they use premium ingredients or rely on local or seasonal raw materials. In addition, don’t forget to ask whether they’ll prepare food on the menu or if it will be sourced from outside the venue.


  1. Have you catered on the venue before?

It is very important that the caterer is aware of the location of the wedding venue, as it’s always wise to know the venue before one starts working there. If not, then it’s advisable that the caterer has a thorough inspection of the site before the big day. It would also be a wise idea to ask how many weddings their firm has catered for, as it will give you a better picture of their market standing and potential.

Are you ready to make your wedding day more magical? Read the must haves for the wedding hotels.

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The wedding day is one of the most special and also one of the biggest day in any individual’s life. Right from the welcoming of the relatives and guests, enjoying the wedding activities, involving in the arrangements to the moment of sharing vows; every moment is most special. But the whole event can only be made outstanding based on the one big decision you will have to make: where do you start your work?

Well, what if we said things are as simple as the organisation of a birthday party? So, now with all the bells on while you are smacking lips, you can now begin on planning the best day of your life with us.

Since the time the hospitality chains have started their services for the wedding plans, things aren’t the same as they used to be. So, whether you are worried about looking after the guests, the food, the delightful co-activities or the decoration for the receptions, the one and the only solution is the hotels in Herefordshire.

Once you have determined your budget and guest lists, it is the ideal time to hunt for the hotels who also handle the wedding plans. The below mentioned tips will help you to find the best result.

The location– First and foremost for any of the wedding venues in Herefordshire, the location matters the most. It should be searched for in terms of convenience for you as well as the guests; it can be a hectic situation for them to travel a long distance from the hotel to the reception place. The best and most ideal location will be a place providing both facilities. Also, look out for the charming aspects, such as decoration for both outdoors and indoors.

These days the unique concepts are more appealing, if you are not willing to follow any theme, don’t worry. You should try the old concepts from the past centuries and they will make your wedding more grand.

Services– If you are ready to pay, you should only pay for the best. Do not compromise for the services and amenities. Check thoroughly for the capacity of staying guests and reception hall, parking, acoustics, catering, etc.

Food– If food is not good, your arrangements are not good. The better the menu, more your arrangements will be loved.

The cost– Obviously we are all interested to know the price of the place we like. Similarly, once you have filtered the locations, ask the price. Though it would be wrong to suggest on breaking your bank, it is the most special day of your life so you should not miss a great deal that slightly goes over your budget.

In a nutshell, if once you have paid attention to all the mentioned aspects you need not worry about what and how the hotels in Ross on Wye will add the wow factor to your wedding.

Monmouth Wedding Venue with The Old Court

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The Old Court is the perfect wedding venue, set in the idyllic Wye Valley in Monmouthshire. The Wye Valley has a reputation for being one of the most exquisite locations for a wedding in Herefordshire.
The Old Court’s classy decor provides a warm and luxurious feel, and the team will do everything they can to make it the most memorable day of your lives.

All of our wedding prices include a free function room hive, free linen including chair covers, and a function manager to deal with every detail you require. You get a free nights stay on your first anniversary too!

We have a beautiful Elizabethan dining room, a spacious garden surrounded by breath taking views of the Wye Valley. Jono and Victoria bought the 500+ year old hotel back in 2006, and have turned it around with 22 years of hospitality experience. The Old Court has a civil wedding licence is a prominent and attractive building in the Wye Valley and it’s reputation exceeds it’s beauty.

Our weddings are tailor made for Bride and Groom. Get in touch with us and book our wedding venue today.




Ideal Wedding Venue for Hereford, Gloucester

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Perfect if you’re situated in Gloucester or Hereford, The Old Court is situated close by in The Wye Valley with the most perfect reception and venue for the big day. Planning the big day is most important and we can take the stress and worry away from you. We’ve had many weddings take place at the Old Court, and our team prides itself in making it every bit as special as you’ve dreamed of. Make your big day one to remember, get in touch and we’ll help make it the perfect wedding.

Wedding Venue in Wye Valley with The Old Court Hotel

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The Old Court has been host to some of the most fabulous weddings in The Wye Valley with its splendid venue and picturesque setting in some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain.
Our people really make a difference, and being situated in the beautiful Wye Valley, The Old Court prides itself for its excellent service for the big day. Finding the right wedding venue is the foundation for the perfect day so book your wedding venue or reception with us and we’ll do the rest.
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Symonds Yat Hotels and Why To Choose The Old Court

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The Old Court is a beautiful hotel in Symonds Yat and has an excellent reputation with hospitality and service. You can be sure of a welcoming visit and comfortable accommodation as Jono and Victoria have between them over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry.

It’s on the doorstep of the entire Wye Valley, one of the most beautiful English tourist resorts to this date. The Old Court is actually situated opposite the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo, which is one of the local attractions. Excellent service, comfortable accommodation, and delicious food make The Old Court a really special place to visit and begin your adventures from.

If you plan on visiting Symonds Yat, plan well and take a look at our rooms.

Self Catering Symonds Yat Wye Valley Accommodation

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As well bed & breakfast we offer self-catering accommodation in our holiday apartments and 3 bedroom holiday cottage. The Old Court Hotel sits within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and just a short walk of the hotel is the majestic River Wye, which meanders through Symonds Yat and the magnificent Wye Gorge, providing some of the best views in Herefordshire.

Check out our new site www.symondsyatselfcatering.co.uk

Accommodation Wye Valley

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Jono and Victoria Smith-Milne would like to welcome you to the Old Court Hotel in Symonds Yat West, Herefordshire which they bought in 2006 after they fell in love with the hotel and the picturesque Wye Valley. You can be sure of a welcoming visit and comfortable accommodation as Jono and Victoria have between them over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry.

Built around 1570, the Old Court Hotel has a rich history with previous owners including Thomas Gwillim who was ADC to General Wolfe at the battle of Quebec and John Graves Simcoe who was the first Governor General of Upper Canada and founder of the City of Toronto.

The Old Court Hotel retains the feel of an authentic and inviting Old English Inn, full of 16th Century character. The hotel has two well stocked bars, a beautiful Tudor Dining Room restaurant, a large function room for weddings and special celebrations, a cosy lounge, an all weather conservatory which leads on to a large patio area and beautifully kept gardens. Our hotel accommodation features many period rooms including three with Four Poster beds.

Hotel Weddings Monmouthshire and Wye Valley

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The Old Court Hotel is situated in The Valley, Symonds Yat in Monmouthshire, making it the perfect wedding venue for the big day. A perfect rural wedding in a superb location with an elegant setting. To find out more about hosting your wedding venue at The Old Court Click Here.